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Sometimes you just need a good laugh.

But you get so much more when Ellen takes the stage.

Live Happy is the overall theme for a series of talks by this wise, witty and winsome grandmother. Using humor to get her message across, Ellen shares techniques for reducing stress, rejuvenating your life and feeling joy for no reason.

Ellen has been there –
down to the depths and back up again. She reversed early symptoms of Alzheimer’s (she has the gene), survived deep depression, and kept breast cancer from recurring since 1992. Besides the powerful practices she shares with you, Ellen shows you her playful side.

A handout with Ellen’s practices will be provided so you can take it home and make the techniques into daily habits. It’s possible this transformational event by the Joyfulness Sisters will change your life forever.

Gently, lovingly, humorously, you’ll be encouraged to create new habits and become the best you can be. It’s possible this transformational event will change your life forever.


"We're still getting rave reviews on Ellen's talk from attendees."
Lucius W. Carroll II
INSPIRIS, Inc. (now part of United Health Group)
Nashville, TN

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