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 “She is a FIREBALL!  I love her passion and energy and humor.”

“After 20 minutes I felt more alive than I’ve felt in a long, long time.”

 “What I liked best was she took a room full of strangers and made us all feel great about ourselves.”

“She doesn’t just entertain; Ellen gives detailed 'how to' instructions for making the practices into daily habits.”

"Engaging, smart, funny and extremely inspirational, Ellen Wood is a gifted speaker and any Event Planner's dream come true."

"Ellen shared a 3-hour interactive workshop of daily practices and inspiration for reducing stress, living happy and growing younger. Absolutely delightful...and well deserving of the standing ovation she received."

These are actual comments about Ellen from event planners and participants.
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You and your audience will discover …

  • How to easily train your subconscious mind to bring more joy into your life

  • Ellen’s greatest secret for growing younger that you may never have heard of

  • Why what you eat may be killing your brain and what you can do about it right now

  • How you can help your body release toxins and stress in just 2 minutes a day

  • The most effective way to train yourself to observe your thoughts that takes no time at all

  • The science behind “doing nothing” and why it can change everything

Watch the video of one of my television interviews.
It has one of my best anti-aging tips.

You CAN Grow Younger - Do the Five Tibetan Rites!

Ellen Wood demonstrates the RIGHT way to practice the Five Tibetan Rites.

The Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation are physical movements for growing younger developed about 2500 years ago by lamas in Tibet. They were kept secret in monasteries for centuries because they were considered to be a path to higher consciousness and youthfulness, ONLY for the initiated.

The Tibetan Rites, also called The Five Tibetans, were introduced to the Western world by author Peter Kelder and first published in 1939. Kelder had met a retired British army colonel in southern California in the 1930s who told him stories of his travels and the discovery of the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. The author published The Eye of Revelation based on his conversations with the colonel.

Ellen first learned about the Tibetan Rites in 2004 and she has been practicing the Five Tibetans daily since then. Recently Ellen discovered a new edition of Kelder’s The Eye of Revelation, edited by W.J. Watt and published in 2008 in hardback and 2009 in paperback. This book, based on a recently discovered manuscript of Kelder’s from the 1940s, gives additional detail and information on the correct way to do the exercises and their benefits.

THE EYE OF REVELATION: The Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation by Peter Kelder; edited by J.W. Watt, pub. 2008 and 2009,, Inc.

ANCIENT SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: BOOK 2 by Peter Kelder; published by Doubleday 1999

There is no one like Ellen.

Ellen inspires people to live joyfully at any age and gives them the precise ways to make it happen. When you need a speaker who will energize, enliven, entertain and encourage people to get the most out of life and who gives them the tools to do it, you’re ready for the Joy Junkie, Ellen Wood.


"Cover Girl"


Summer 2013 issue

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Why is Ellen so happy? Because she

  • reversed early symptoms of Alzheimer's

  • discovered the secrets of youthfulness and joyfulness

  • kept breast cancer from recurring since 1992

  • survived deep depression


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