Think and Grow Young

Gold Nautilus Book Award

Winner: Gold Nautilus Book Award

Powerful Steps to Create a Life of Joy

Ellen Wood’s grow-young approach is a powerful, step-by-step program for reversing aging and bringing more joy into people’s lives.

She combines cutting-edge research in neuroscience and cell biology with ancient esoteric teachings and a deep trust in Spirit and the power of the mind. The practices in Ellen’s program, which she developed and began using at age 67, have literally reversed her biological age by decades. 

Event planners: Be prepared – Ellen’s enthusiasm and joie de vivre are contagious.

Is your healthcare management company developing a new product for seniors? Invite them to experience a vivacious keynote speaker who will have them buzzing about your product introduction for a long, long time.

Do your mind/body/spirit conference attendees want to grow younger? Let Ellen show them the RIGHT way to do the mysterious, miraculous Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation.

Is your professional women’s group or alumnae association looking for a keynote speaker who’s truly different – someone who will show them how to reverse aging? Ellen can!

Want your executive management spouses entertained? Ellen’s personal stories will touch them deeply as well as have them laughing while they learn practices to grow younger in mind, body and spirit.

Is your retirement community tired of the same type of speaker at each event? Let Ellen knock their socks off with an interactive program that gives them practices for youthfulness and joyfulness.

Do you have soon-to-be-retirees in your organization? Help them prepare for a life of joy with powerful steps to grow younger.

Does your organization include children of parents with Alzheimer’s who want ways to keep that dreaded gene in the “off” position? Ellen, who carries the APOE-e4 Alzheimer’s gene, shares how to have a strong, healthy body and clear, sharp mind for the rest of your days on the planet.

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